Take8Love is rooted in what we believe.

As the Take8Love family continues to grow, we think it’s so important to share our core values. These are the beliefs that guide every decision we make, every product we create and every action we take in the world.

Everything we do has a ripple effect on the world around us. The actions we take now will build a foundation for decades to come. One choice or one habit can affect generations.

There are many ways my family and Take8Love are working to support the world around us from sourcing from sustainable, organic tea farms to recycling and using recycled products wherever possible.

Because when we walk down the beach with our grandchildren, we want to see seashells, not garbage.

And this is just the beginning of our core values.

Generosity and intention are the main core values we’ve grown from and constantly return back to. What we give always comes back (sometimes in the most unexpected ways). And always making choices with a clear intention helps us stay aligned with everything else we believe.

What We Believe

Here are the things we know to be true:

We believe in a slow start to the day. There is power and strength in starting each day with intention and ritual. Take8Love was created to help you ritualize your morning with an ancient elixir and intention that will carry you through your day. Set your intention. Watch your life transform.

The small and simple choices lead to big impact. How you start your day affects how you live your life and the people that you touch. These simple and small choices play out on a large scale over the next generation.

We make choices based on our intuition. We believe in knowing what feels aligned—and what doesn’t. Read more about how Take8Love came to be to see how intuition has played a crucial role in our company.

Every person is different and unique. We believe in creating a safe environment for each person to express their uniqueness. We believe in letting others be who they are meant to be, not how we are.

Women are powerful when they truly stand in their femininity. This means being nurturing, creative and collaborative. And this is where her power begins.

When you fill up your cup, you have more to give. It’s important to fill yourself each and everyday. And that is done through epic self-care.

Self-care is equally as important as caring for others. You can only be as kind to others as you are to yourself. Fill up your cup first, and let it overflow to the people and world around you.

And self-care starts with your thoughts. We know you are worthy. And you are enough. When we know this, we go where our hearts lead us.

We love to embrace change. Know there’s a time for change and a time for consistency. We like to try new things to stay balanced. This means not expecting everything to be perfect and avoiding extremes too. We try to find the balance in the middle, no matter what we do.

We believe in sharing with others. After a trip to Haiti, my family and I are more determined than ever to make more money, so we can give more money. We were able to build homes for 16 people on that trip alone—and our proud to continue giving back through our Giving initiative.

We also believe in giving to those who aren’t experiencing epic days. Give a ritual box to family going through a hard time. We have an initiative to gift a ritual box to families in difficult circumstances. It may be just what they need to feel good again.

And a few more things...

Everything happens for a reason. We try to stay unattached to outcomes.

Making time for our passions and interests is essential. Time where we can just be ourselves, not escape from being. We do the activities that light us up.

Using our discernment. We always trust what’s true for us—and know when to ask questions.

Love includes discipline. Practicing a morning ritual takes discipline. The same discipline we use when we help kids learns about unconditional love, even while teaching them the ways of the world. Discipline doesn’t mean they’re less loved. And discipline in your days creates a foundation for love to spread from you to everything you touch.

Dinner time is sacred for us. It’s when we get to share our experiences with each other around a table without technology.

Getting to know your neighbors. We show an interest in the people around us, we love to wave hello and host get-togethers.

Children are the future. We see them as the future leaders and future influencers. In fact, we can learn a lot from them about how to have an epic day.