The Self-Care Box is all about YOU!

The Self-Care Box has been curated with love to help you slow down and give yourself the time, love, and attention you need to truly have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Sound familiar?

With all the stressors of life, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush and the hustle. And when the holidays come around, we often find ourselves totally frantic (instead of feeling joyful and celebratory!) It can be a really emotional time—one where we might even find ourselves thinking: I don’t even want to be around my family! Sound familiar?

All this emotion and stress only keeps getting worse is we let taking care of ourselves fall to the wayside. I’ve found that when I take the time to fill up my cup, I then have so much more to share with others.

Give (Yourself) the Gift of Self-Care

This Self-Care Box is all about YOU! This holiday season, it’s time to give yourself the gift of self-care. They say it’s better to give than to receive—but you can also give yourself a gift, the gift of self-care. Really, this means you’ll be even more able to give and be kind to others. Because you can only be as generous to others as you are kind to yourself.

This box has been curated with love to help you slow down and give yourself the time, love, and attention you need to truly have a happy and healthy holiday season.

This is only the beginning of the rest of your epic life. Start it with epic self-care.

Having an epic life means you are able to not only handle everything life throws your way— but you do it with a sense of grace, ease, and intention in each and every day.

So often, we focus on taking care of everyone else and put ourselves last. And during the holiday season, we can end up feeling totally frantic, off-balance and even resentful.

It’s time to start taking steps towards your epic life—the life that fills you up, that nourishes you, that makes you feel fulfilled at the deepest level. A life built on the power of intention and ritual.

And this all begins with your own self-care. Think of this as your starter kit for Self-Care. It’s the jumping point for you to start putting yourself first, to start filling yourself up before you give to others and to start truly loving who you are.

One thing I know for sure is that this self-care practice will trickle into all the other areas of your life—and you’ll start to have an even more positive effect on everyone around you.

Your epic life starts with your epic day.


A key element of your Self-Care Box is aromatherapy. This is a practice that’s been used for centuries. Your sense of smell is your most primal sense and it has a surprising amount of power over your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and well-being. Aromatherapy helps you harness the power of plants and nature, using essential oils to boost your emotional (and physical) health. What’s even better is that essential oils have been known to particularly be helpful in treating stress. From love to abundance to strength and grounding, every scent in your Self-Care Box will boost your self-care and work its aromatherapy magic on you.

What’s In Your Self-Care Box: Product Overview

Epic Matcha Organic Matcha Powder

I fell in love with matcha and I know you will too.

Matcha is an ancient secret and a magical powder.

Epic Matcha is a carefully-sourced, love-infused matcha that all began with an epic leaf.

Matcha is a superfood—a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and other natural health boosters. And drinking matcha is associated with enhanced mental function, disease protection, weight loss, and anxiety relief, to name a few.

I included this magical elixir for you to include in your self-care practice because it literally lights up your brain. By increasing alpha waves (the same state your brain enters in meditation), matcha not only gives you creativity and focus, but it’s raising your vibration too.

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Did you know that years ago people used to include an orange in Christmas stockings? This was given as a symbol of abundance, wishing the person a year of plenty ahead.

Wild Orange is the oil of abundance—and it’s the perfect essential oil to boost you during the holiday season and kickstart your self-care journey. It’s known for being uplifting, restoring physical energy, and enhancing creativity.

Most importantly, it helps us see all the goodness that surrounds us already and helps us to be more fun, spontaneous, and playful. It helps us let go of a scarcity mindset and encourages us to remember that we are enough. When we give from this place, it’s the most authentic form of generosity there is.

Emotional Healing with Wild Orange
Helps with coping with feeling drained, over-thinking, pessimistic, discouraged, bored and envious. And it helps us feel more free-flowing, playful, fun, generous, abundant and humorous.

Reiki-infused Rose Quartz

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote healing. With a recent rise in popularity, more and more people are rediscovering the power of crystals. There are crystals and then, there are crystals infused with reiki.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art that comes from Japan. It’s a technique based on the principle that a reiki practitioner can channel energy by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the crystal and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Rose Quartz is often known as the “Love Stone”—it’s for unconditional love of all types (self-love, family, unconditional). It has very high energy and gives off the vibration of happiness, warmth, emotional health and love.

Reiki, as a healing energy, can be “sent” (similar to a blessing) to crystals to enhance the already existing properties of the stones. So when Rose Quartz is infused with Reiki, that energy of self-love expands.

Your reiki-infused Rose Quartz carries extra loving power with it. It will help enhance the energy of love in your life—which will help you love yourself and everyone around you more.

Rose Salt Bath

Since ancient times, people have taken baths as a form of relaxation, cleansing and even for ritual. Cleopatra was famous for her lavish milk baths infused with herbs or flowers such as roses. Today, you can experience the Queen's bath with this luxurious mixture of rose and salts that you can soak up in the tub.

The rose is a flower that’s always carried a regal essence and it’s been used since ancient times to symbolize love and beauty.

By soaking in this soothing bath mix, you’re letting your body be immersed in beauty, the power of attraction and even to enhance your confidence.

Taking baths is a wonderful activity to incorporate into your self-care routine. Pamper yourself with this bath mix and even make this into a ritual. Light a candle, draw your bath and add in a cup of the Rose Salt Bath mixture.

While you’re in the tub, close your eyes and picture the beauty of the rose petals seeping into the water around you. Then, focus on your skin soaking up all this beauty.

White Fir Scented Candle

This candle is included because it’s all about going for a walk in the forest. Trees are strong, wise in their years and grounded in their wisdom. And the fir tree reminds us to be more firm, grounded and rooted within, especially when hanging around our family. The fir will help you live in your own truth and let go of any generational patterns that may be holding you back.

The scent of fir rounds out all the emotional elements of your Self-Care Box, offering the benefits of wisdom, healthy patterns and learning from the past. It can be used beyond just Christmas.

This hand-poured, coconut soy wax candle comes with hand-blended bespoke fragrance and a crackling wood wick. The burn time is approximately 50+ hours. It’s vegan, paraben free, phthalate free, and non-GMO too.

Light this candle to ground your body and empower your mind. This scent will help you let go of negative family patterns and create healthy patterns in the future.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

This Rose Quartz Roller will provide a soothing facial massage and cooling sensation to perk up your face, promote stress relief and keep your skin healthy.

The roller helps reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage while also reducing the appearance of pores. It also can improve your skin texture and minimize under eye circles.

The rose quartz used in this roller is hand-selected from a pure, sustainable source in Brazil. Rose Quartz is often known as the “Love Stone”—it’s for unconditional love of all types (self-love, family, unconditional). It has very high energy and gives off the vibration of happiness, warmth, emotional health and love.

To improve your facial circulation and get that glowy, healthy-looking skin, gently glide the roller over your face, whatever feels right.

Use it throughout the day and after you apply skin care products to maximize the benefits. Be sure to wipe it gently with a damp cloth and dry it after each use.

Meditations for Self-Care

As part of your Self-Care Box, you have online access to meditations, mantras and affirmations. Part of self-care is not only taking care of your body, but also your mind and soul. Slowing down and tuning in to these parts of you is one of the best way to really make space for you in your life. Meditation and loving self-talk is a gateway to the Epic life philosophy.

Your Online Access includes:

The Self-Care Meditation: This is a go-to meditation for whenever you need a quick dose of self-care. It will help you slow down, tune in to yourself and come out feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

The Heart Opening Meditation: This will help you fill up your heart space. It will also help you feel more into forgiveness, especially when spending time around family for the holidays.

The Heart-Centered Affirmation: Along with the meditations, this affirmation can really help you embody more love throughout the holidays and after. An affirmation is a positive statement that can help you overcome negative thoughts. This affirmation is designed to empower your heart space. Repeat it to yourself, write it on your mirror, and set it as a reminder on your phone. Do whatever feels best to you to truly embody this statement and make it a daily reminder in your life.

When your cup is full, you have more to give.

Matcha has been an anchor for me—helping to begin my days with a sense of peace and intention. And helping me to “fill my cup” so I can continue living vibrantly and following my dreams. Of course, naturally when my cup is full, I can share the overflow to help fill others’ cups.

Each element of this box is included with intention. Your Reiki-infused Rose Quartz crystal and Rose Quartz facial roller is for attracting every type of love: self-love, family and unconditional. By putting rose petals in your salt bath, you’re infusing the water you soak in with more love. Wild Orange helps you feel more productive, hopeful, abundant, generous and playful. Like a fir tree, the candle will remind you to live in your own truth and let go of any generational patterns that may be holding you back.

And finally, matcha literally lights up your brain by increasing alpha waves (the same state your brain enters in meditation). Matcha not only gives you creativity and focus, but it’s raising your vibration too.

This carefully curated Self-Care Box will boost your self-love when you need it most.

I invite you to explore the inner world of self-care that is awaiting you. To take a journey of self-discovery.

Give Yourself AND Someone You Love the Gift of Self-Care

When you make self-care a priority in your life, you inspire others to do the same. That’s why I’m offering a special discount this holiday season when you pre-order. The beautiful thing about this Self Care box is that when you buy one for you, you can also give one to someone you love—with an amazing discount. This is the perfect way to treat yourself AND also give the gift of self-care to someone you love too.
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Wrapped with Love

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Your box includes...

  • Wild Orange Essential Oil 5 ml ($10 value)
  • Epic Matcha Organic Matcha Powder 4 oz ($35 value)
  • Reiki-infused Rose Quartz 40-50mm base ($50 value)
  • Rose Salt Bath 4 oz ($20 value)
  • White Fir Scented Candle ($20 value)
  • Rose Quartz Facial Roller ($50 value)
  • Gift Wrapped and ready to go! ($5 value)
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You Deserve It.

Allow yourself the time and space to truly care for yourself.

When you give love to yourself, you have more to give to everyone around you.

And you can share this gift of self-care with a loved one too, by gifting them a box.

Make this holiday season your best one yet, you deserve it.

All boxes will ship by December 15th
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