Ceremonial Monthly Delivery - 12 Month Prepay - PLUS BONUSES ($600 value)

Get Culinary Grade Each Month Automatically for 12 months at a HUGE Discount (Plus Free Shipping)


When you choose NOW to have matcha automatically delivered to you monthly plus free shipping for the next year, you will have access to:

Monthly Matcha Delivery at our HUGE discount of $24.75 per tin (you save $152.64 off retail price during the year) 


Free Shipping: you save an additional $54 ($4.50 x 12 shipments)


The “Epic Day Formula” online portal (a $97 value) featuring:

The Magical M.A.T.C.H.A. Morning Ritual - the one I use each day to be more productive, open up my intuition for more creativity and inspiration and to brighten my mood so I move through the day with grace and ease and zero stress.

Helpful content that will help you:

  • Enter a productive state of mind that allows instant stress reduction and inner peace.
  • Get laser focused and enjoy zen calm no matter how stressed out or busy you are.
  • Transform as a person, becoming more patient, understanding and loving.
  • Achieve consistency through routines and rituals, achieve better life balance and develop zen habits.

1 ounce, 14 servings. Grown in Japan.

Epic Matcha is premium, 100% pure, USDA Certified organic green tea powder - a powerful antioxidant superfood that has amazing health benefits.  Organically grown in its native Japan, our premium Matcha leaves are lovingly hand-picked and specifically harvested for greener color, softer texture, milder flavor and sweeter aroma. Ceremonial grade Epic Matcha is best experienced by itself with hot water and a light natural sweetener. It has a naturally sweeter and more delicate flavor than culinary grade.

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