Ceremonial Grade Matcha Refills from Japan (20 refills / 140 Servings)

Great news for you!  We are over-stocked with our most premium matcha: USDA organic Ceremonial matcha from Japan.

Because of this, we are having a Flash Sale with a bigger discount than we ever have before.

Normally our ceremonial matcha refills sell for $35 each, but for a limited time you can get 20 for $200. That's $10 each! 

Yep, that’s a 71% savings!

Some people will wonder...

How long will 20 packs last me? 

Each 1-oz pack has 14 servings. So 20 of them would have 280 servings. That would be 9 months if you have 1 cup per day and 4.5 months if you have 2 cups per day (like I do)!

How fresh will the matcha stay?

If the matcha is UNOPEN, it will stay fresh for 2-3 years. AFTER you open it, we recommend keeping the matcha in an airtight container. If you do this, the matcha will stay fresh for 60+ days.  

Here's more about the product:

HIGHEST CEREMONIAL GRADE - Epic Matcha is sourced from Organic & sustainable tea farms in Japan. Our premium Matcha leaves are lovingly hand-picked and specifically harvested for greener color, softer texture, milder flavor and sweeter aroma.

The ceremonial variety of Epic Matcha is best experienced by itself with hot water and a light natural sweetener. It’s not recommended to add other ingredients because they can mask its sweeter and more delicate flavor. Because of this and its higher grade – and therefore price – for most people it’s not ideal as an everyday tea or as mixed in as an ingredient in lattes, smoothies or desserts (the CULINARY grade is better for smoothies, lattes and desserts).

Includes 20 pouches of Organic Matcha. Each pouch contains 1 ounces, 14 servings. Grown in Japan.

All sales final due to this clearance price.

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