Culinary Grade Matcha from Japan - 4 ounces

  • FAT BLOCKER - Scientifically known to burn fat (igniting metabolism through thermogenesis), torching up to 25% more calories thanks to a potent antioxidant called ECGCs. This superfood contains 137x more of the fat-melting antioxidants than regular green tea and 10-15x more nutrients than traditional green, white, black, rooibos and yerba mate teas.
  • DEEP, SWEET, BOLD FLAVOR for the best culinary contrast to other ingredients in lattes, smoothies, cakes and desserts (FREE recipe book valued at $17 with your purchase) and a VIBRANT, BRIGHT GREEN COLOR, a sure sign of quality, freshness and potency.
  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER -- a top source of sustained energy lasting 4-6 hours without any jitters or a relaxed perk-me-up in the morning, a cure for the afternoon blahs or in a smoothie to power a full workout. Matcha is what helps get through the day.
  • Ordering from Epic Matcha is easy because of our new unconditional 60-DAY GUARANTEE. You don’t pay for it unless you like it. Simply order now and decide later. You count on us to give you personal hands-on attention; we’ll do everything possible to make you happy. See the description below for more information.
  • FOCUS ENHANCER and STRESS RELIEVER - puts you in a calm, alert, happy state-of-mind within 15-30 minutes, reducing the effects of stress on your mind and body, credited to the high concentrations of the amino acid, L-theanine.

One Pouch of Culinary Grade: Each pouch contains 4 ounces, 30 servings. Grown in Japan.

Epic Matcha is premium, 100% pure, USDA Certified organic green tea powder - a powerful antioxidant superfood that boosts energy, metabolism and mood. 

A Daily Ritual For Any Budget

Organically grown, our premium Matcha leaves are lovingly hand-picked and specifically harvested for greener color, softer texture, milder flavor and sweeter aroma. The culinary grade of Epic Matcha’s deep, sweet, bold flavor is the perfect culinary contrast to other ingredients in your lattes, smoothies, snacks or desserts. In fact, you can either buy 5 of those fancy green tea drinks at Starbucks, or make 30 of them at home!

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