The Intuition-Led Business


Christie Turley's new book, The Intuition-Led Business: Navigating Your Business in Uncharted Waters.


I wrote this book to create an easy-to-understand process for opening up one’s intuition in the shortest amount of time possible, so that entrepreneurs who want to make a bold impact in the world can do that— and fast.

Intuition is that secret weapon that propels business success even faster than one can imagine. This book will spark inside you the ability to:

  • Open up and strengthen your intuition
  • Expand your spiritual gifts
  • See, feel and receive truth
  • Discern truth at a greater level
  • Lead your life and business in a way that you may never have before
  • Live in alignment with your soul purpose with love, courage and joy
  • More quickly manifest your desires
  • See the clearest path to achieve a personal or professional goal
  • Get clarity on a solution to a challenge 
  • Align yourself with your most authentic self
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel more peaceful and positive
  • Overcome uncertainty
  • Shape your ideal life
  • Have confidence in the daily steps of life
  • Receive new inspiration and ideas for new abundance to enter your life

Join me as we journey together to open up the greatest depths of yourself, your most innovative business plans and a renewed enthusiasm for your life and business.